3 Tips for Making Entrepreneur Friends During COVID-19


One of the most difficult parts about entrepreneurship that isn’t always talked about is the loneliness of being an entrepreneur. Throw in a pandemic where you have to limit who you see and spend time with and that makes things that much harder!

Our friends and family are great, but they don’t always understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship–which is why it’s so important to have other entrepreneur friends who “get it.” These people will act as your sounding board, cheer you on when you’ve accomplished awesome things, and pick you up when you’re feeling down.

But how do you actually find those entrepreneur friends? You might not know many other people who also own a business, especially when you’re just starting. Keep reading to discover where you can hang out to build your new tribe online.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an amazing way to connect with people locally, nationally, or even internationally. There are hundreds of groups out there that contain thousands of members, which means that you have ample opportunity to find people who align with your personality perfectly.

To find the right groups, you can use Facebook’s search feature and test different keywords that might populate good results:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Business
  3. Networking

I recommend joining a bunch of groups at once to get a feel for which ones would be best for you, and you can weed out the others from there. Start by introducing yourself within these groups and comment on other people’s posts when relevant, which can lead to natural friendships forming over time.

If you’re not sure which Facebook group to join first, start with ours!

Attend Virtual Networking Events

Networking events used to be limited to where you were able to drive to, but now that things are virtual, you can attend any type of networking event! Similar to the approach you’ll take for finding Facebook groups, you can do the same for networking events using Google or another search engine. These events will be great for meeting others and expanding your network, even if you can’t be face-to-face.

Women’s Business League, Small Giants Community, and Opportunity are potential organizations with online networking events for you to peruse.

Find Interesting People on Social Media

Don’t forget to use social media for what it was meant for–being social! You have the opportunity to meet hundreds of incredible people right at your fingertips. Outside of discovering these people in Facebook groups, you can search hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to find other business owners who align with your goals and vision.

Follow them, comment on their posts, and ask them if they would be interested in setting up a time to chat, just to learn more about each other. This is something so easy and simple yet something that people don’t always remember to do!

Reaching out to different people may feel awkward at first, but it will be something that you’ll get used to over time. I was incredibly shy when I started my business, but forcing myself to constantly speak with and meet people I didn’t know made things that much easier for me in the long run.

Wondering where to get started with finding your first entrepreneur friend? Join our Facebook group or schedule a networking call with me!

Ashley Mason is a marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of both Dash of Social and Student to CEO.

Starting her business at the age of 19, Ashley successfully grew it to reach six figures by the time she was 21 and now works for it full-time. Since then, she has been featured in prominent publications such as TEDx, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, SWAAY Magazine, and more.

Passionate about pursuing entrepreneurship at a young age, Ashley hopes to inspires others to take that leap, just like she did.

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