6 Business Tasks to Do During Your Holiday Break


When I was running my business while in college, I remember that I couldn’t wait for breaks to come because it meant that I would have much more time to focus on client work and hopefully get ahead of the game–despite most people taking that time off to relax with their families. And even though last year was my first holiday as a full-time business owner, I still worked nonstop during the break because I needed to wrap up client projects, and, to put it lightly, I have a hard time doing nothing. Yikes!

Now that I have built a team to support me with various initiatives, I actually do get to take time off this year–woo! However, I’m choosing to focus on internal projects instead of client projects (no meetings!) and therefore will be working on my business rather than in it.

I have a running list of tasks that I can’t wait to tackle during this break, so if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do while business is slow, I’ve listed them down below for you.

Tackle Your Marketing

One of the phrases that I say all the time is, “The shoe cobbler’s son has no shoes,” meaning that I spend so much time managing other people’s marketing that I completely neglect my own. Yikes! A few marketing tasks that I have on my list include:

  1. Planning social media content
  2. Revamping my nurture sequences
  3. Writing blog posts
  4. Scheduling newsletters
  5. Offering webinars

If you find that your marketing has fallen to the wayside during these past couple of months, or even majority of the year (guilty!), this is great for you.

Revamp Onboarding Processes

How do you onboard a new client, and what’s the process like for a customer to place an order before receiving their product or service? I use 17Hats to send contracts, invoices, and questionnaires as well as outline client workflows. Although these systems are mostly pretty good, I’ve noticed some spots that are “lagging” in a sense, so I’ll be updating these to outline clearer expectations and processes.

Do an internal look and ask yourself if your onboarding process is the best it could possibly be. If it isn’t–and chances are it’s not, as there’s always room to improve–brainstorm how you can make it better.

Gather Case Studies

I have about four case studies on my website when I should have at least five times that. Yikes! I’ve worked with some pretty cool clients on awesome projects, and I really should be showing that work for potential clients to look through. Case studies play a huge influence on whether or not someone purchases your product or invests in your service.

Going along with that is testimonials / reviews, which I’m also the worst at getting. Oops! While I’m putting together these case studies, I will be reaching out to clients to ask them to leave me a review on my Google My Business profile, which I will then tie into the overall case study.

Network with Relevant Entrepreneurs

This one might wait until the new year, as most people will be spending time out of office, but making connections with others is huge. Not only do these people have the potential to become a client or customer, but they might know someone who also could become a client or customer. Reach out to members of any business organization you’re a part of, like your local Chamber of Commerce, and see if they’d be interested in having a chat.

Your network is your net worth!

Continue Your Education

Is there something that you really want to learn how to do but just haven’t had the time to do so? Now is an excellent time! I’m looking forward to diving into Hawk Academy to learn the latest and greatest about SEO and getting certified in Google Adwords. If there is a course that you’ve wanted to purchase (or one you purchased forever ago that you hadn’t taken yet–guilty!) or even a workshop that you’ve wanted to watch, now is the perfect time.

What could be better than lounging on the couch in your pajamas with a fire going and a hot chocolate in your hand while learning?

Start a Passion Project

Do you want to launch another business? Write a book? Start a nonprofit? I’m sure you’ve pushed all of those dreams to the side recently because you haven’t had the time. Well, now you have the time! If there has been something on your mind that truly lights you up, you now have the opportunity to go for it. For me, personally, I know I’ll be doing further planning on my third business and writing more of my future book–two things that I genuinely feel excited about but just rarely have the time for.

A little progress each day leads to big results!

This may seem like a small list, but I know I have big things ahead of me–and I’m really looking forward to diving right in. Moving forward, my goal for the next year is to reserve Fridays to focus on these kinds of tasks so that I don’t have to wait all year to have only one week to do everything, but for now, this will do!

What are you going to work on during your holiday break?

Ashley Mason is a marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of both Dash of Social and Student to CEO.

Starting her business at the age of 19, Ashley successfully grew it to reach six figures by the time she was 21 and now works for it full-time. Since then, she has been featured in prominent publications such as TEDx, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, SWAAY Magazine, and more.

Passionate about pursuing entrepreneurship at a young age, Ashley hopes to inspires others to take that leap, just like she did.

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