7 Goals to Set in 2021 as a New Business Owner


New year, new set of goals! This time of year is always perfect for thinking about what you’d like to achieve in your current business–or how you’re going to start your first business.

Don’t know where to start with goals to set? We spoke with 7 entrepreneurs who share some great goals to consider as an entrepreneur.

Shift gears quickly.

Being able to shift gears quickly in our ever-changing world and being able to accommodate consumers’ needs while relating to them is important now more than ever.

– Nikki Brown, CEO of Altwell CBD



Break your goals into quarters.

Break your goals into quarters. With the market changing after 2020’s craziness, 90 days are easier to meet and pivots can be made if needed.

– Casey Peeler, Author + Writing Accountability Coach




Figure out a way to get into your customers’ heads.

A goal that a new entrepreneur should set in 2021 is to figure out a way to get into their customers’ heads. Too often, entrepreneurs are enamoured with their own idea and do research on the industry, foregoing interviews or focus groups with potential customers. A 2021 goal should include interviewing potential customers at every single stage of the business growth. Instead of guessing, ask them – what’s the most effective way to reach them? What marketing do they respond best to? What’s a funnel they can actually see themselves be a part of? A 2021 goal should include SMART goals that help advance the business and make you stand out amongst the saturated competition of the market. By getting in your customers’ heads by initiating conversations first, you will do just that.

– Sonya Gankina, Digital Marketing Consultant

Set up Google Analytics properly.

Obvious answers are building your brand, expanding your customer base, growing your revenue, and increasing your digital footprint, but none of these things are possible without a proper Google Analytics setup and implementation. Business owners and entrepreneurs should make a goal in 2021 to focus on making sure they have a solid Google Analytics instance in place that gives them that “So what?” data – the data they can develop a clear strategy from and helps them drive their business forward through better data and decision making. Without clear data, you’re flying blind, and the first step in ensuring a successful 2021 is to have a Google Analytics implementation in place that takes your data, and business, to the next level.

– Ben Swartz, Founder + CEO of Marcel Digital

Define your core values clearly.

Clearly define your core values. Whether you are a hired CEO or the startup founder, your core values will be consistent within the company’s culture. These fundamental principles are shared with target consumers and make valuable contributions to your startup’s mission statement, branding, marketing communications, and more. Know what your core values are and how to articulate them.

– Kristoffer Howes, Principal Investigator at G2M Research



Find a mentor or coach.

Find a mentor or coach. Entrepreneurship can be an overwhelming and lonely road. The guidance from someone who truly understands what you’re going through and who has been there, done that is invaluable. With their support and advice, you’ll go further faster.

– Laura Gariepy, Owner of Before You Go Freelance, part of Every Day by the Lake, LLC



Write a business plan or elevator pitch.

A great goal for a new business owner is to write a business plan or elevator pitch. This helps tremendously when trying to lay the framework for putting your idea on paper and out into the world. By crafting your ethos, you are able to practice and perfect your concept, which will come in handy when you are pitching to friends, family, and investors. The goal is to know your concept inside and out!

– RD Harris, CEO of CUF LLC



Although these are just a few goals to set, there are so many more out there that can help bring your business to the next level. What are you going to achieve this year?

Ashley Mason is a marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of both Dash of Social and Student to CEO.

Starting her business at the age of 19, Ashley successfully grew it to reach six figures by the time she was 21 and now works for it full-time. Since then, she has been featured in prominent publications such as TEDx, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, SWAAY Magazine, and more.

Passionate about pursuing entrepreneurship at a young age, Ashley hopes to inspires others to take that leap, just like she did.

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