Entrepreneurial Mindset


Though there are several ways to draw attention to your brand, as an entrepreneur, you want to utilize everything available to you: social media platforms, graphic design software, and your network. However, none of this would matter if you have not developed the creative mindset.

Creative Mindset

Those with a creative mindset are able to see things differently. Because of this they are able to be flexible and have the ability to adapt. While many are able to adapt with this mindset, it is important to note the importance of having a clear business idea set up. Though an idea in someone’s head may seem great, you will likely never know if it is unless you go out and do that.

Business Idea

Though having a creative mindset helps, it is important to have your business ideas written down. The reason for this is simple: if you write it down, you will not forget about it later. With that being said, if you are thinking of opening your own business, you should think about what your niche and target market is. However, you should keep in mind what keeps you motivated, as this will help shape your future.


Those who struggle with being a self-starter should understand that this will be something that cannot be ignored but rather something you need to learn so you can motivate yourself. With that being said, you will gradually be able to perfect your art, and your business will flourish, as long as you keep that motivational drive.

Creating the Future

When it comes to achieving one’s own goal of owning a business, it is not about what you do but how you will think differently. As with anything new, you must first think differently in order to be seen as someone intellectually brilliant. Though my journey has been unorthodox, I am grateful for the person I have become, as this has shaped me into a better entrepreneur. Though my passion has changed over the years, my drive has not, nor should yours.


Above all else, you have to know your competitors. After recognizing who your competitors are, you must then try something different from others, thus causing your company to be seen as something new and exciting. Furthermore, you will have to understand your customers’ problems and then solve them. After this, offer something for free or provide a discount as a thank you for their loyalty.


Though there are several platforms to keep in mind, the pros and cons of each of these ranges depending on what you utilize them for. For those who are aiming to use these platforms for their business, I urge you to create a professional Facebook page, a professional Instagram account, and a professional Twitter account. Although some people may use YouTube or other platforms, it is up to you what you use. As an entrepreneur you must recognize when opportunity is around, and if not, how can you create/seek out opportunities? For me personally, COVID changed my life in more than one way, which led me to begin thinking differently and creating a blog from the inability to write for my college. But, I also considered the risks associated with purchasing a website domain and host site. After talking to alumni and other individuals, I began to realize how important it is to set my website up, as I am currently hoping to be a content writer.

Entrepreneurship is not merely starting a new venture; it is a mindset, as it requires a certain set of skills to be an entrepreneur. In fact, some people are born with this mindset, while others craft their skills through higher education. Regardless of the individual, an entrepreneur is someone who can face challenges and change the outcome for the better.

Joseph Letizio is a current marketing student, with a concentration in social media, at Assumption College. In addition to being a student, he's the Arts & Entertainment Editor for Le Provocateur and the Founder of Cordless-Cre8ors.

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