Andrew Glantz

EP 3  /  Jun 4, 2020


Andrew Glantz is the Founder and CEO of GiftAMeal, a mobile app that promotes restaurants while giving back to the community. So far, over 200 restaurants have joined GiftAMeal and over 400,000 meals have been provided. In addition to GiftAMeal, Glantz serves on the Washington University in St. Louis Alumni Board of Governors and guest lectures at the university on topics such as marketing, negotiations, and entrepreneurship. He was also the youngest person named to the St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 Under 30 List, and recently won 1st place at the Global Impact Awards.

Show Notes

  • How an internship in venture capitalism led to the start of GiftAMeal
  • Why Andrew specifically chose food as his company’s focus
  • “I had to put my ego aside and ask others for help.”
  • The impact GiftAMeal has left so far
  • Two sales channels that led to success for securing partner restaurants
  • “Don’t be afraid to follow up… I have closed deals after reaching out 8 or 9 times.”
  • Why Andrew made the sacrifice to not take a salary for 6 months

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