Ariel + Hannah Redmond

EP 30  /  Dec 10, 2020


Ariel and Hannah Redmond are the founders of Happy Box, a company that shakes up the gift-giving space by creating a build-your-own care package platform that is personal and convenient with handwritten notes and free shipping. Inspired by Ariel getting dumped in college and Hannah wanting to send her something to cheer her up, the two have since partnered and grown the company.

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Show Notes

  • How tons of market research led to the launch of Happy Box
  • “Know when to listen and when to form your own opinion.”
  • The benefit of surrounding yourself with the entrepreneur community and mentors
  • Why you need to assign tasks to your team members that they’re passionate about
  • “Understanding when you need to stop, start, and continue doing things is really important.”
  • “You’ll do things wrong a million times before you do it right. But when you do it right and someone buys it, that’s an amazing feeling.”

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