Brittany Lo

EP 50  /  Apr 29, 2021


Brittany Lo is the CEO and founder behind Beautini. Fostering a passion for beauty since the age of two, the beauty guru founded Beautini, now one of the top bridal beauty companies in NYC that’s been featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, The Knot, BRIDES and many more. Since launching the fast-growing bridal beauty brand, she has seen thousands of brides walk through her office all in search of a custom beauty experience that’s shaking up the $300 billion wedding industry. Brittany continues to be a go-to bridal expert, regularly tapped by beauty brands and media outlets, as well as her 20k+ fans on social media.

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Show Notes

  • How Brittany knew that she wanted to start a beauty company in second grade
  • “When you feel your best, you can take on the world.”
  • Why Brittany never started her job with Loreal to focus on Beautini
  • What having a part-time job can do for you
  • “If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will.”
  • Why being detail-obsessed is important
  • “I’m willing to work as much as I want in my 20s to live the life I want in my 30s.”

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