Colin McIntosh

EP 19  /  Sep 24, 2020


Colin McIntosh is the Founder + CEO of Sheets & Giggles™, a fast-growing direct-to-consumer brand in the US bedding space. Launched on Indiegogo in May 2018 with a $284,000 crowdfunding campaign, Sheets & Giggles became one of the few companies to make $1 million in sales in its first 12 months (and millions more in the following 12). The company also plants a tree for every order – planting nearly 20,000 trees in the US from 2019 sales alone – and donates to causes that their community cares about.

Show Notes

  • How building the perfect business model leads you to the right product to sell
  • “Before you build anything, you should sell it.”
  • The importance of being realistic
  • “Always keep in mind that work isn’t an end; it’s a means to an end.”
  • Think of your worst case scenario before launching a business to plan for it
  • “There is no stability if you are not the one driving the decision making at the company.”

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