Danait Berhe

EP 40  /  Feb 18, 2021


Danait Berhe is the founder and lead strategist at The Asmara Agency, an award-winning full-service agency that helps female-founded companies craft compelling business, brand, and messaging strategies that position them for multiple 6 + 7-figures. When she’s not designing, nerding out over data, and strategizing, Danait is cuddling with her pup Lula, exploring the city of Buffalo with her husband, and wondering what the appropriate number of times to have pizza and wine on any given week is (the answer is 7).

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Show Notes

  • Transitioning out of a career in biochemistry to becoming a web designer
  • How her scientific background gave her an analytical advantage in her business
  • “People underestimate how far building relationships can take you in business.”
  • The importance of creating content to have deep conversations with others
  • Why you need to document everything you do in your business

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