Evan Lutz

EP 11  /  Jul 30, 2020


Evan Lutz is the CEO and co-founder of Hungry Harvest, an organization with the mission to eliminate food waste while providing access to affordable, nutritious food to those who live in food insecurity.

Starting the company during his senior year at the University of Maryland, Evan and Hungry Harvest have since made a deal with Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank, built a team of over 80 people, spread across 9 states, reduced over 20 million pounds of food from going to the landfill, and provided access to over 1.3 million pounds of produce through reduced-cost markets and donations to people in need.

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Show Notes

  • Evan’s fascination with social entrepreneurship and the environment
  • A class project that turned into Hungry Harvest six years later
  • “You don’t have to give up income to make an impact.”
  • What Evan’s experience was like on Shark Tank
  • The importance of focusing on the big picture and the little things

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