Haile Thomas

EP 24  /  Oct 29, 2020


Haile Thomas is an international speaker, wellness & compassion activist, vegan food & lifestyle content creator, and the founder/CEO of the non-profit HAPPY (Healthy, Active, Positive, Purposeful, Youth). Impacting over 89,000 people, Haile founded HAPPY when she was 12 years old to redefine youth empowerment through holistic education and address the need for free/affordable plant-based nutrition and wellness education in underserved/at-risk communities.

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Show Notes

  • How reversing her dad’s Type 2 Diabetes led her to starting HAPPY
  • “There is a movement in each of our experiences in many ways.”
  • What starting a nonprofit at the age of 12 was like
  • The importance of being vulnerable in your organization
  • “Don’t box yourself into following blueprints you’ve seen before.”

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