Hernan Sias

EP 37  /  Jan 28, 2021


Hernan Sias has built multiple businesses, including his current venture with Pipeline Insurance and his full-service podcasting and marketing company, FanSparQ, over the past 17 years. As the host of the Business Bros Podcast, Hernan highlights entrepreneurs and their journey through business and life.

Show Notes

  • How working with a financial advisor as a teenager changed Hernan’s view on finance and business
  • Filing for personal bankruptcy and dropping out of college
  • The struggle of absorbing other people’s opinions
  • Why you should always be vulnerable and ask questions
  • “Successful people are connected to successful people.”
  • Taking what people ask you about your expertise and turning it into a business
  • FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful
  • Why everyone needs a podcast

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