Jamie Palmer

EP 8  /  Jul 9, 2020


Jamie Palmer is an online business strategist and the CEO of Outlier Marketing Group. Working with entrepreneurs for nearly 17 years to grow and scale their businesses, Jamie has expertise in strategic business development necessary for competitive industries. Through social media, website design, coaching, and more, Jamie helps her clients to create messages that resonate with their audiences and align with their organizational goals, culture, vision, and values.

Show Notes

  • How Jamie’s business happened “by accident”
  • Struggling to find a job during the recession influenced her to start her own business
  • “Websites don’t sell; people do.”
  • What sparked Jamie’s passion for entrepreneurship at a young age
  • The benefit of having freedom in all parts of her life due to owning a business
  • Why people that Jamie worked with years ago still come back to her today
  • “Surround yourself with people who have a business model you want to create.”

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