Janet Mesh

EP 20  /  Oct 1, 2020


Janet Mesh is the CEO and co-founder of Aimtal, where she works directly with clients to provide exceptional digital and content marketing services. Born and raised in Boston, Janet attended the University of New Hampshire and then worked for an IT staffing firm for 3 years until she started to crave flexibility and creativity, pushing her to begin freelancing. After two years of full-time freelancing, Janet founded Aimtal and has spearheaded the company ever since.

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Show Notes

  • How Janet built out an entire marketing department for the IT staffing firm she worked for
  • The importance of volunteering when learning new skills and meeting people
  • “If you’re constantly learning, you’re constantly challenging yourself.”
  • “You cannot build a long-term business if you’re the only person who knows it all.”
  • Why you need to niche in your business
  • “You need to grow at your own pace and don’t always need to be go go go.”

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