Kenneth Ameduri

EP 47  /  Apr 8, 2021


Kenneth Ameduri is the chief editor and cofounder of financial publication letter In his 20s, he started multiple businesses that have gone on to be worth millions of dollars. Spending his time relentlessly analyzing resources to uncover areas in which equity can be captured and a profit can be made, Kenneth is passionate about sharing the lessons of success and failure that have led him to where he is today through his work published weekly at

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Show Notes

  • How Kenneth’s parents played a role in his entrepreneurial journey
  • The role that the recession played in starting his company
  • “Even when you do progress, you feel like a failure because you’re not reaching the expectations you’ve set for yourself.”
  • The gratifying feeling of achieving the things you think are impossible to overcome
  • “Letting go of extremely high expectations is very powerful. It’s not that you don’t show up or don’t try, but having these high expectations can take away your appreciation for the moment.”
  • “A business is a machine that continues to grow.”

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