Kristen Ruby

EP 32  /  Dec 24, 2020


Kristen Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, an award-winning public relations and media relations agency in Westchester County, New York. With more than 13 years of experience in the industry, Kris is a sought-after media relations strategist, personal branding specialist and public relations consultant. Kristen graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication with a major in public relations and is a founding member of The Young Entrepreneurs Council as well as the host of The Kris Ruby Podcast Show.

Show Notes

  • Getting tons of PR experience by having 13 internships by graduation
  • The struggle of finding team members or clients with the same entrepreneurial mentality
  • How Kristen “paints Google results” for her clients
  • “Every day I wake up and say, ‘What am I going to create today?’”
  • The importance of constantly learning
  • “If you don’t want your client at your table for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t work with that client.”

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