Liz Theresa

EP 2  /  May 28, 2020


Liz Theresa, founder of, has been helping entrepreneurs find clarity and uniquely market themselves with confidence for nearly a decade through her strategic website design, intuitive business mentorship, and clever copywriting services. She’s also the creator of Concept to Creation™, her flagship branding and web design program, and the host of the Liz on Biz Podcast, which was named by Forbes as one of “12 Small Business Podcasts That Will Help You Sell More.”

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Show Notes

  • What Liz wanted her career to be before entrepreneurship
  • How Liz taught herself marketing
  • The 2008 recession being a “blessing in disguise” for Liz’s business
  • “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”
  • The importance of investing in your business
  • “See the value in yourself.”

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