Nicole Peterkin Morong

EP 48  /  Apr 15, 2021


Nicole Peterkin Morong is the founder of Peterkin Financial and has been in practice since 2011. As an advisor, she emphasizes using money as a tool to get the lifestyle you want instead of viewing it as the obstacle to that lifestyle. She is also a speaker and a published author. Her book, If You Love Your Family, Save Like It can be purchased on Amazon and in select bookstores.

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Show Notes

  • How the sudden death of Nicky’s father led her into financial planning
  • “Sales is hard. Getting people to open their wallet to pay you and keep paying you is hard.”
  • Why building confidence is important but difficult
  • Thinking about your competitive advantages
  • Why you should work with successful people in your industry to learn from them
  • “You have to build a dumb business to build a smart business.”

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