Noa Mintz

EP 42  /  Mar 4, 2021


Noa Mintz is the brain behind and chief of Nannies by Noa, the company she founded when she was just 12 years old, after deciding to turn her natural talent for matchmaking and her NYC-savvy sensibility into a thriving business. Now 20, Noa has appeared in many prominent places, including NBC’s “Today Show,” the Steve Harvey Show, BBC Radio, The New York Post, Forbes, and more. When she isn’t growing the business, Noa is a consultant for companies of various sizes and nonprofits, and is pursuing a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Brown University.

Show Notes

  • How Noa’s family’s experience with nannies and babysitters led her to launching Nannies by Noa
  • “It’s okay to make mistakes. Failure is okay.”
  • How Noa has tried to learn not to hustle
  • “Entrepreneurship isn’t inventing a product that doesn’t exist. It’s taking a product or service that we already use and making it better.”
  • Why you need to listen to what your customers want
  • The importance of setting up infrastructure within your business
  • “Use the ‘hit by a truck method.’”
  • How entrepreneurship builds your character and gives you a different perspective of the world

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