Pamela Bardhi

EP 10  /  Jul 23, 2020


Pamela Bardhi is an Entrepreneur, Trailblazer & Real Estate Mogul. She currently owns 4 companies: The Mosche Group, Mosche Construction, Mosche Development and B. Blazers. Pamela has dominated the real estate industry with over $100 million sold, developed, or acquired in real estate assets throughout her career.

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Show Notes

  • Her journey with entrepreneurship began when she was just 10 years old
  • How owning two restaurants by the time she was 21 made her want to diversify her income and go into real estate
  • “Delegation is the hardest part of any entrepreneur’s business.”
  • Her biggest reward of being an entrepreneur does NOT relate to money
  • Pamela’s acronym for success, FACTS
  • What she wishes she did differently in her business
  • “Start young because it’s your lowest level of risk.”

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