Robert Farrington

EP 45  /  Mar 25, 2021


Robert Farrington is a Millennial Money Expert and Founder of, which he launched in 2009 while finishing his MBA at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management after wanting to find other young adults who shared his passion for investing and personal finance. Through his work to help millennials get out of student loan debt and start building wealth for their future, Robert has emerged as one of the nation’s leading student loan debt experts.

Show Notes

  • How reading personal finance blogs led Robert to start his own
  • What made it possible for Robert to pay off $43,000 of student loan debt in 3.5 years
  • “You can only cut so many expenses, but the amount you can earn is limitless.”
  • How to choose the right side hustle for you
  • The importance of networking
  • How to transition out of a day job and take your side hustle full-time
  • Having the mindset of collaboration over competition
  • “The one thing working against every single human is time.”

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