Sam Shames

EP 17  /  Sep 10, 2020


Sam Shames is a co-founder and COO of Embr Labs, where they produce an innovative wearable that uses temperature sensations to improve comfort and wellbeing In areas such as stress, sleep, anxiety, focus, menopausal hot flashes, chemo-induced hot flashes and more. He co-founded Embr Labs during his senior year at MIT, where he graduated with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering in 2014. For his work at Embr Labs, he has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30. While at MIT, Sam was a captain of the wrestling team, a 4x All-American, and a National Champion.

Show Notes

  • The problem Sam and his co-founders faced that led them to creating the world’s first thermal technology
  • How winning one pitch contest made Embr Labs go viral
  • The three things Sam and his co-founders focused on with their product
  • “With delegating, you are often too busy to take a step back and actually delegate.”
  • Embr Labs’ obsession with their customers
  • “I never wanted to work for anyone else. That was my motivation.”

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